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Bridal Photography using Nikon D7500 with Nikon 85mm 1.8 g lens. You can click good quality picture with any camera.

Bridal Photography using Nikon D7500 with Nikon 85mm 1.8 g lens

With millions of wedding happening in India every year, wedding photographers are usually never out of work. Today, wedding photographers are having the opposite experience. There is no shortage of demand, and that means getting organized, international, and informed about all that is going on in the wedding industry.

But the investment on gear for weddings photography is a lot. You have to buy very good camera, lens and light for get the best image.  Many photographers can not afford the best gear and stuck at the same level. They think the best gear can take best image. But the thing is opposite the best photographer get the best result with any camera. So focus on the skill, as without skill you cannot get the best out of best gear.

I use Budget Camera gear and lights and try my best to get the best result possible. To get the best result I have to give more efforts with the budget gear and it help to understand light and camera functions. Generally with this process you can improve much faster  your skill.

Here some bridal image I click with Nikon D7500 &  85 mm 1.8 g lens. Using One Godox Ad200 pro light.

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