Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 FULLFRAME KILLER. Big Announcement for Fujifilm User. Best Wide Angle Prime Lens in Budget for Fujifilm Camera.

Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 FULLFRAME KILLER. Big Announcement for Fujifilm User. Best Wide Angle Prime Lens in Budget for Fujifilm Camera.

Viltrox has announced another Pro series lens Viltrox 27mm f/1.2. This would be a very good announcement for many budget/Professional Photographer. In our point of view this would be one of the best wide prime lens for Fujifilm users. Specially who want one lens for everything like, Nature, Street, Portrait Photograph. Also, this Would be very good lens for Wedding and Low light photography due to its large aperture f1.2.  Its very rare to have F1.2 aperture lens in APSC cameras. Viltrox also produces 75mm f1.2 lens for Fujifilm/Nikon/Sony users. (Read Here) .

In combination with this two lens Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 & 75 mm f1.2 you can do many things. Many Budget photographers would satisfy with the result they have got with APSC camera by using these lens. They might not be upgrade to fullframe cameras. Because they can produce similar result with less money invested.

About Viltrox.

Viltrox has built a solid reputation over the last decade as a company that provides quality optics at low cost. It has expanded from manual focus offerings at core focal lengths to full autofocus models that are more esoteric and – increasingly – across a great number of mounts. Viltrox says that they are passionate about helping you express your uniqueness with our high-value products, including Viltrox camera lenses, mount adapters, LED lights, video monitors, and camera cages, as well as Weeylite LED lights and Timbrecod monitors.

Here Some Details About Viltrox 27 mm f1.2 lens.

Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 is a  auto focus lens which is comes with f/1.2 aperture. As a result on APS-C camera it will provide the effective focal length of 40.5mm and effective aperture of f1.8 in comparison with full frame cameras. The maximum aperture is f/1.2 and minimum is f/16. This lens has been announced for only Fujifilm X Mount Cameras and it will released soon as the first copy product has arrived to many photographers. Hope Viltrox will announced this lens for Nikon and Sony users also. The Build quality of this lens is very solid, Comes with a full metal solid design with metal mount. A USB- C post has been given at the mount for future firmware update. A weather seal rubber protection has been given in the mount for extra protection for use in harsh condition and for long lasting. The weight of this lens is about 550g. This lens has dedicated aperture ring in the body which will help to many users in videography.  As many other prime lenses it doesn’t have image stabilization.

The Price of this lens would be arround $550 or 45K INR.

Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 Pro


Why It would be a FULLFRAME KILLER?

As you might know the Full frame lens are very expensive specially in Mirrorless camera system. If you want Aperture f/1.2 lens for Fullframe camera system you have to pay minimum $1500. But Viltrox made this F1.2 lens in just around $550. In Fujifilm there is no full frame camera, but their new camera has very good ISO performance and very good dynamic range. If you have F1.2 lens option in APSC camera system then no need to choose Full frame camera. Also Viltrox would announced this lens Viltrox 27mm f/1.2 for Nikon ans Sony APSC camera.

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