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What Canon Doing Wrong With Their Mirror less Cameras??? 3(Three) Big reason to Discuss.

What Canon Doing Wrong With Their Mirror less Cameras???

Canon was the best seller of DSLR Camera for many years, because of their very good all range of DSLR for beginner to professional level. Canon’s success in the camera industry is due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and user-friendly features. They have a substantial market share in both consumer and professional segments, catering to a diverse range of photographers and filmmakers.

Canon’s camera business extends beyond just hardware. They also provide various imaging solutions, software, and services to enhance the overall photography and film making experience. Canon’s ecosystem includes lenses, accessories, and software tools that complement their camera offerings.

But with the new technology called Mirror less, Sony Cameras lead the market as these camera has better technology and more efficient for work. Canon also stop production of their DSLR and shifted to Mirrorless system. Canon also has very good technology for faster focus and efficient for photography and videography. Canon recently release some model which will help to grow their business like EOS R100 a APSC model for beginners and EOS R8 full frame camera for enthusiast.

But if they do not solve their mistake which has done with their new Mirrorless technology that will hamper their business.

Three Major mistakes are as follows:

1: With Canon Mirror less camera there is No Third Party Lens Option. Sony has gain their camera market by share their mount ans many company are making lens for Sony cameras like Sigma, Temron, Samyang, Viltrox  etc. As the third party lens are more cheaper than the native lens and many customer choose Sony over Canon for that reason.

2. Although Canon are making very good professional lens but their prices are high compared to the other brands. Lake of budget lens option many beginner photographers are choosing other brands.

3.There is no cheap Mirrorless Camera option for beginners which was available in DSLR era. Many of Beginner are choosing Fuji film, Sony, Nikon and other brands.

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